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Find out about the use of pellet burners in the bakery sector

     The use of pellet burners inindustry is growing more and more pellets are gaining popularity in Brazil and gaining their space in the market since it is a productextremely cheap, ecologically correct, practical to use, does not pose any risk ofaccidents  like leaks andgas explosions oroil fuel,beyond  to generate savings of up to 65% for the customer. 

      The installation of the pellet burner can be carried out in wood-fired, gas-powered rotary turbo ovens, in furnaces of the ballast type, andalso  in furnaces of furnaces of the typetunnel continuo.

 Visit our photo gallery andvideos  by clicking on the link below and see all types of ovens already installed.

Photo Gallery Videos Baking

Have you ever thought about saving up to 65% on your expenses with heating ovens, furnaces and boilers?

      Yes it ispossible! Below I will explain in a simple way how the conversion of values is done.

     For those who use it_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf_LPG gas, the proportion is 3 kg of pellets for every 1 kg of LPG gas.

     For those who use it_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf_NG gas, the ratio is de 2 Kg of pellets for every 1 KG of NG Gas.

     For those who use itOil Diesel or Lubricating Oil aproportion  is 2.2 KG of pellets for every 1 KG ofoil diesel oroil lubricant.

     For those who use itElectricitythe proportion is 0.200 KG for every 1 kW.

     For those who use itfirewoodthe proportion is 0.500 KG for each 1 KG of Firewood, 1 meter of firewood has approximately 350KG equivalent to 175 KG of Pellets

     Average price of pellets R$0.70 per kilogram, these values may vary depending on the region.

      With our pellet burners you are a technologyonly e patented, with a resource that helped you in a practical and effective way.

     Our Control Panel has WIFI and BLUETOOTH connectivity,

cooking recipes can be created as well as programming ofschedules  to turn on, off andalso turbo function for extremely fast recoveryfast  when exchanging products.

      Our burners have been designed to be installed mobile on wheels, which facilitate handling for cleaning the grate.

      Can be installed in all types of ovens that use gas,oil or firewood, Ballast furnaces withfurnace, cycle ovensthermal  that use turbines to draw heat, rotary turbo kilns with single or double trolley, kilnscontinuous  and also turbine ovens up to 16 mats.

     Check it outvideos  in our gallery,

Click here onBakery Gallery.

     Check out all featurestechnological  in the link below.

Borus Pellet Burner Technology

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