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     Our line of burners was developed to meet demands of up to 200,000 Kcal/hour, they are automatic,practical  handling, versatile, and do not occupy large spaces.

     constituted  in painted carbon steelelectrostatic high resistance, has an internal silo with a safety grid and a lid on the top of the burner, completely closed so there is no danger of accidents, its structure hasfoot  with rod telescopy  on wheels that facilitate height adjustment andalso your locomotion for the times when you need to clean the furnaces and grills, your firing cannon has a system that helps external cooling also contains a flange to block the fire and close the furnace . 


Mechanical Resources e Electric

fire lighting automatic

     To start the burning process, just press the "START" key, the system does everythingautomatic  starts loading pellets to start burning the pellets the flame sensor monitors the ignition of the fire and whendetect it  switches to the automated burning process.

Flame Sensor

     Flame sensor is located inside thechamber  of firing, monitors thelighting  of the fire the burning process and also the aftersupply de pellets.

Pellet Sensor

     Pellet sensor is inside the silosupply  of pellets, it monitors thelevel  when it is low, if it is, it issues an alert until it is loaded again,  if the operator took too long to load and the fire went out, the flame sensor will not identify the fire and will start the process oflighting  automatically if it identifies a fire, the automated burning process continues to operateusually.

Internal Temperature Sensor

     this sensor andresponsible  for equipment safety, it monitors the burner's internal temperature if it identifies a temperature that exceeds the limitmaximum  it issues an alert and enters a safe shutdown process.

External Temperature Sensor

     this sensor andresponsible  for monitoring the location where the customer is doing theheating (furnaces, ovens, boilers, stoves, etc). Can monitortemperature  up to 1100 degrees centigrade when reaching the desired temperature, the equipment slows down the burning so as not to exceed the desired temperature, this temperature is programmed on the control panelequipment, the burn control configuration must be configured asInternal.

External Burn Controls

     This feature is configured in the do  panelequipment when choosing burn controlExternal oequipment  works with external signal sent from (thermostatsmechanical  or digital likealso controllerselectronics detemperature or pressure). When the signal the system burns at power configures when there is no signal the system decreases the burn so as not to exceed the temperature, in this configuration the system does not need the use of an external temperature sensor.

Anti-Peak Power System

     This feature monitors power surges of up to 15 seconds, feature  which helps in places where there are small power spikes, network changeselectric  at certain times or triggeringautomatic de generators in the event of a power outage, with this feature the pellet burners work continuously without restarting due to small network failureselectric.


     This feature helps in the anti-peak system and in cases where there is a power outage, the system enters the safe shutdown process to avoid any type of damage to the customer's equipment or to the burner itself.

State-of-the-art Technology

     Our control HMI has technology to make connections via WIFI and Bluetooth, so it can be programmed, configured and monitored at any distances, as well as issuing alerts and notifications  of preventive maintenance, failures, consumption reports, activity records, lack of pellets, among others,  adapting to the new era of the industry, the industry 4.0 which integrates the internet of things.

      In addition to these features, our HMI is entirely in Portuguese,_cc781905-5cde-3b5bad583-6bb_cf-d8deasy programação, has advanced password configuration access, monitors in real time theperipherals  like motors, battery, source, resistance and network electric  if any abnormality occurs, the panel indicates where thepossible defect giving agility, speed andassertiveness namaintenance do equipment.

      Our technology as well as theresources do are patented, therefore, valuable resources that youwill help  in everyday life only 4MAC Burners can offer you.

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Functionality and Features

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